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Who’s Your Muse?

RACHNA VIRDI pops this question to the most promising hairstylists in the industry.

A good hairstylist is a sheer delight. One who transforms our look within minutes with just a snap of his fingers, giving us major hair goals and inspiration. Wondered how do hairstylists show such ingenuity and inventiveness?

Hairstyling is a creative art, and every artist has a muse, an inspiration. A mentor who fuels their creativity, or a role model who sparks interest in their art, or a celebrity from whom they constantly draw inspiration.

Being a hair specialist magazine, we decided to celebrate our anniversary issue by asking our favourite hair artists ‘who’s your muse?’ – your hair inspiration. The answers that came up were fun, interesting and insightful. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them too.


FLORIAN HUREL, French Hair & Make-up Stylist

My favourite hair muse is Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.. I have been working with her for the last three years and it feels great. I’ve done cover shoots with her, travelled to Doha for the Manish Malhotra show and have done various brand shoots with her. She always wants her look to be worked according to the scene. She always adores a perfectionist and that inspires me more to work with her and to be comfortable. There is a professional understanding between us. Indeed, I’d say, she is the only celebrity who can carry the most difficult hairstyles and yet flawlessly takes the shot.


AVAN CONTRACTOR, Creative Director, BBlunt

There are many people who inspire me. But Od (Adhuna Bhabhani) is someone who has inspired and influenced me greatly through the years. She has been someone who’s always encouraging and supportive and been extremely instrumental in helping me build my confidence in my craft and get me out of my shell. I’ve had many firsts with Od from stage show to competition to hair show to film and a line of haircare and styling products. We’ve been a team now for 22+ years in the industry so I think that should speak for itself. It’s been an extremely exciting and eventful journey with her.


JAWED HABIB, Founder-Hairstylist, Jawed Habib Hairstyling

My favourite hair muse is my father Habib Ahmed. He has inspired me the most for the profession I’m in. He is an exceptional hairdresser and has a remarkable style of his own. I have always seen him working super hard for this profession. I share a very close and frank bond with him. We can talk about anything, anytime.


NATASHA NASTA, Top Stylist, Jean-Claude Biguine-India

What can I say about my role model? One story wouldn’t suffice! My role model is my guide, my mentor, my fashion icon, my go-to person for any doubt – Michelle Baltazar! The French hair expert needs no introduction. Everyone knows that the French are the most stylist in the world. For obvious reason, Michelle is our top hair designer.

The first time I met Michelle was at a colour training session. Till date, I cannot forget the way his hands moved. His strokes were just like a painter creating his mural. He gave us wonderful insights into the industry – clients’ personalities and subsequently their preferences. He shared some hacks regarding face structures, skin tones, client dressing, their accessories, etc. which have proved so useful to me in my work. Michelle is a smooth operator in shoots as well – totally calm, yet passionately handling the show to perfection. He shall not compromise on detailing in any circumstance.

The detailing that Michelle goes into is something I have definitely tried to incorporate in my interaction with my clients – be it for a haircut or hair colour or even a routine smoothening treatment. Thank you Michelle, for always being there for me!


SHAHEEN JUMANI, Creative Director, Juice Salon

My favourite hair muse is my mentor Philip Downing from TIGI London. He was my mentor when I visited the academy for advance training. He not only trained me in advance and innovative cutting techniques but also instilled in me a sense of passion for art of hairdressing and creatively inspired me as stylist. The techniques and tips I have learnt through him have helped me immensely in sharpening my skills as a hairstylist.

Philip is someone I will always continue to learn from. I follow his work on Instagram to keep updated with the latest trends. His creativity continues to inspire me. I adopt the new techniques and trends that I learn through him in my own work.


VIKAS MARWAH, Founder-Hairstylist, Vikas Marwah

The existence of a muse for every creative artist has always been of tremendous significance. For me, that tremendous impact has been created by none other than the exponentially talented and my international celebrity hairstylist muse, Sophia Hilton. She is an exceptional national and international hair educator and the Czarina of Britain’s hair colouring world. Apart from winning several British Hairdressing awards, she is the winner of the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy award for three consecutive years and Colour Expert of the Year now, that makes her a legend. In spite of being the recipient of several awards and accolades, her humility is phenomenal. Her ground-breaking passion for hair reflects in her brand and the way she leads the industry and her team. Sophia is absolutely awe-inspiring and has been my motivation to initiate constructive educational academies in the Indian hairstyling industry to lead the path for the budding talent.

Having received several awards for my achievements in the Indian hairstyling industry, my belief of always having a humble and learning orientation towards work comes through the influence of Sophia. Her passion for hair is contagious and having worked with her, it has been an honour to instill the same passion, enthusiasm and humility in my hairstyling work – whether it is in the celebrity hairstyling projects, hair salons or hairstyling academies.


SEEMA V. JERAJANI, Founder-Hairstylist, SVJ Academy

My hair muse is Georgiy Kot, my teacher and the #1 hairstylist (also very popular). He’s based in Sochi, Russia and teaches hairstyling all over the globe. He has his own world championships. He inspired and guided me to write my book on Indian hairstyling “Art of Indian Coiffures” focussing on the Indian culture and heritage, and share it with the world. Inspiration, techniques, trainings, experience and then practice, perseverance and patience, all work together to create each work of art. Georgiy continues to inspire me with his unimaginable creative skills in hairstyles and challenges me to think beyond anything I have ever done, pushing me out of my comfort zone to create masterpieces.


GANESH SAPKAL, Trainer and Style Director, Jean-Claude Biguine India

You might find it funny when I tell you who inspired me. Back in the mid-90s, for the first time I saw a man cutting a woman’s hair. For me, that was a big shock. I come from a family that is quite traditional and believes that men can do only men’s hair. Now, can you guess who that man was? Well, it was none other than the famous actor Johnny Depp in the movie Edward Scissorhands!! After watching the movie, my first question was to my dad – Is it real? Can men do women’s haircuts? He told me, ‘Yes, they do.’ I know it was just a movie but it really shook me from within – the cutting flow he shows, the confidence he gets when he realises that this art can give him identity, were simply unbelievable. In today’s world, what do we want and what do we live for? Identity, satisfaction and money, right! If you believe in what you do and love what you do, then do what you love. Once you get satisfaction, you will be truly unstoppable.

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