The Only Winter Beard Care Guide You’ll Ever Need

Winter is here. And your beard best be prepared.

With the advent of winter, it’s not just your skincare routine that needs to be tweaked. Your beard is also going to need some added TLC to make it through the cold unscathed. Here are 5 crucial winter beard care tips you should not overlook:

Go easy on the hot water
Heat is bad news for hair follicles. Having a hot shower during the colder months feels great, but it isn’t doing your beard any favours. Spare your beard the stream of hot water from the shower head; make sure you wash your beard in cold or lukewarm water only.

Milder face washes and beard shampoos please
When the temperature falls, your beard follicles will need every bit of natural oil they produce to stay hydrated and avoid drying up. Switch to a milder face wash and beard shampoo so that washing your beard does not cause these essentials oils to be stripped. You still need to wash your beard frequently to prevent oil and grime build-up, but using a milder shampoo will ensure that not all the oil is removed.

Break out the conditioner
Nourishing your hair is critical during winters, and conditioners are going to be a beard-saver. Proper beard conditioners are harder to come by, and even if you can find some, you may not like the price. Don’t fret because your regular hair conditioner will be just fine for use on your beard. Pro tip: Condition your beard BEFORE you shampoo it; this will lock in the essential oils and prevent too much of it from getting washed away.

Be generous with the beard oil
When it’s cold outside, don’t hesitate to splash out a couple of extra drops of beard oil. Exposing your beard to the cold climate is inevitable, but there is no reason why you can’t protect it from any damage the cold may cause. Increasing the amount of beard oil you use is a good idea for giving your facial hair some added protection.

Trim frequently
The dryness of winter months will almost certainly cause split ends. If not kept in check, these split ends can cause serious damage to the appearance of your beard by spreading up the hair follicles and ruining them. Frequent trims will ensure that split ends are kept at bay. You don’t have to lose too much length every time, so the trims shouldn’t affect your beard-growing endeavours.