Winter is coming…


As we head towards the winter (thanks Game of Thrones, for this tag line), let’s not forget a few skincare essentials and tips to keep our skin healthy and glowing.

Our skin faces fewer hygiene issues in the winters, thanks to lesser sweating and richer food, but it does come with its own set of problems that may leave you with dry and inflamed skin. Here are a few skincare tips you can follow, while enjoying your hot cup of coffee under that warm winter sun light!

Avoid long hot showers
Though there is nothing as comforting as a hot water shower in the freezing weather, the hot water isn’t a great skin pal. It dries the skin out, adding to the repercussions of the dry weather your skin is already dealing with. Hot water rips the skin off its natural oils, resulting in stretchy and itchy skin. Try to wash your face with cold or lukewarm water, and apply copious amounts of body lotion after your bath.

Tweak your skincare routine
Products that work for you in summers will not suit your needs in winters. Opt for more hydrating and heavy-duty cleansers and night creams. Pay special attention to the ingredients; avoid using products with alcohol as it dries out the skin greatly.

Stay hydrated
Our thirst automatically dips in winter, however, the skin still needs to be hydrated as per usual. Do not bring down your water intake no matter how cold it is. Start having lukewarm water if it helps. Your moisturiser and emulsion work better on the skin when the body is hydrated.

Winters too need SPF
One of the most common winter care myths is that you don’t need SPF. Well, honestly, you need SPF even if you are under the tube light, let alone the mild sun. You do need SPF in winters. Though the sun may greet us for lesser hours as compared to summers, its rays are harsh and strong. You can opt for a sunscreen with lower SPF value, but using it is a must.

Don’t forget the hands
While you pay utmost attention to your face, your hands deserve some pampering too. Hands lose moisture easily, as they are washed frequently and covered for lesser time as compared to the body. Keep a hand cream handy and reapply every couple of hours, specially after washing your hands.

Exfoliate less
Though exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin, frequent exfoliation is not a great idea for the skin in winters. If you have a normal skin type and if exfoliation doesn’t exacerbate the dryness, you may go for it once a week. However if you have a dry skin type, stay away from it for a while.

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