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Woman Crush Wednesday: The Ladies of Rough Night

The ladies of Rough Night are going to paint the town red. And judging by their history, they’re going to look fabulous while doing so.

A Hollywood powerhouse, Scarlett Johansson has changed her hair a lot over the years. And we mean ‘a lot.’ However, her redhead look as Black Widow remains our favourite.

Doesn’t matter if she is taking down ghosts or impersonating Ellen DeGeneres on her own show, Kate McKinnon can do it all. And when she chooses to go glam, look out world!

Jillian Bell is one of the better upcoming comedians in recent years, and we can’t wait to see more of this buxom beauty making us laugh.

Those familiar with Ilana Glazer‘s works will vouch for the fact that her quirky and kooky looks are a proper reflection of her personality.

We have witnessed Zoë Kravitz changing and experimenting with her looks quite a bit in the past. Now, her personal sense of style and beauty is coming into its own, and we definitely give it two thumbs up.

Does time even have any effect on Demi Moore? Apparently not as the timeless beauty continues to look stunning year after year.