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Your 6 Step Bridal Prep

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HAIR helps all you to-be brides –as well as grooms–on a list of appointments you need to book in time to look flawless for the wedding.

4 Months Prior

Skin Specialist

Skin health is of utmost importance and a visit to the skin expert before the wedding is a perfect way to fix all your big and small skin concerns. The expert can attend to your acne scars, dull skin, dark circles, etc. so you look your radiant best. They will help you determine a skincare regime best suited to your skin type that can be followed in the weeks that lead up to your wedding.

Tip: You can also book an appointment 2-3 days before the wedding day as a backup. This will come in handy just in case you’re dealing with a last minute breakout, thanks to high stress levels and needs to be controlled with cortisone treatment.

3-4 Months Prior

Hair & Make-up Artist

Getting a good professional hair and make-up artist is like an added boon for the bride. So book yours well in advance, so you have ample time to squeeze in a few trial sessions. Matte, dewy, soft or bold make-up, buns or braids—try them all beforehand. This way, you and your artist can narrow down on what make-up look and hair goes best with your face and skin.

Tip: If your hair and make-up artist is way too busy, book him a couple of months in advance. Or get one who’s good but will be able to give you time.

2 Months Prior


Planning to try a new hair cut or colour? Make sure you do these experiments two months in advance. Haircuts take some time to settle in so it’s a good idea to have some buffer time in hand. Besides, if the colour goes wrong, you will have ample time to correct it; or if the cut is too drastic, you will get enough time for your hair to grow out. You can get a touch-up and trim about a week before the wedding.

Tip: Go for a lacquer service, so your mane looks enviably glossy on your big day.

2 Weeks Prior

Dental Expert

Consulting a dentist to flash a million dollar smile is a must for brides and grooms on the wedding day, isn’t it? And so is advice on pre-bridal oral care. Treatments like teeth whitening and deep cleaning are also important before the wedding. So don’t skip this one.

Tip: Consult a cosmetic dentist for services like teeth polishing or teeth realignment that will further add to your beauty.

1 Week Prior

Spa Specialist

Weddings can become a stressful affair and hence brides-to-be need a whole lot of pampering and rejuvenating to relax their stressful nerves. Book yourself a spa session to indulge in massage and wraps to unwind and pamper your body. These will leave you stress-free, light and absolutely glowing!

Tip: Sign up for a bridal package at a spa centre. It offers all the essential treatments that you can ask for, focussing on the well-being of your mind, body and appearance.

3-4 Days Prior

Salon Expert

Salon services such as waxing save you from the stress of last minute shaving and also leave your skin soft and supple. However, waxing might lead to redness and boils if your skin is sensitive. So it makes sense to go for these services a couple of days prior to your big day. This way, you will have adequate time for these to settle down.

Tip: Try other variants of waxing that are more effective with hair removal and less painful. Pssst… You can also try full body wax–including bikini wax–for softer, cleaner skin.