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Your BFF Tips for Haircare @ Home

Missing your salon appointments? Care for your hair while at home!

The current ‘stay home’ situation has made us appreciate the things we took for granted; like ease of access to products or the availability of pampering hair services. While we know how much you miss your salon appointments, you need to take good care of your hair at home in the meantime.

Make sure you read these haircare guidelines by Monisha Bhatia, Education Head, Kerastase India, and follow them at home:

1. Use the right shampoo + conditioner

Post a hair wash at a salon, hair always feels healthier, shiny, nourished and fragrant. In order to get the same texture and shine at home, it’s important that you use shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair and scalp concerns. For instance, if your hair is dry with no shine, a deeply nourishing shampoo and masque is a must! If your hair is frizzy and needs control, use products that protect your hair from moisture, manage it well and make it smoother.

Styling products combined with the sweat and grime can lead to product build-up on your scalp and hair. Hence, following a good haircare routine is recommended with a shampoo specifically meant for your scalp to remove the excess grime and product residue and the right conditioner to nourish and hydrate your lengths.

She recommends: The Kérastase Nutritive range

2. Follow the right technique

We are often in a rush and miss out on the recommended protocol for haircare routine. The right technique while shampooing cleanses your scalp of impurities, excess sebum and product build-up. Shampoo your hair twice in a row. The first wash can be shorter to mainly remove superficial impurities and styling residue. It’s the second wash when shampoo actually cleanses your hair and scalp.

3. Apply a hair masque

Using a hair masque is necessary post-shampooing, as it adds the much-needed moisture and nourishment to your hair. It leaves your hair softer, smoother and deeply nourished with a lightweight feel. We recommend applying hair masques as frequently as washing your hair. Use a hair masque that is technically designed to work deep and fast, so leaving them on for longer than five minutes will not be needed. You could, however, wear a shower cap to intensify the effect.

She recommends: Extentioniste, a deeply restorative masque

4. Use heat protectant before styling

Always use heat protection before any heat styling – whether you’re blow-drying, curling or straightening your hair. Excessive heat can dry your hair and make it lose its shine. Use it before a blow dry as a foundation and a few pumps after for finishing to enhance the lustre and tame the flyaways. The sensual fragrance combined with the shine will create a ‘fragrant halo’ around your head.

She recommends: The Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil

5. Do multi-masking

A must do! Use two masks simultaneously over the weekend for two different hair needs on the same hair length. Try a scalp masque along with the hair masque to enjoy a sublime experience at home.