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Your Celeb Masterclass

Looking to flaunt your best hair? Follow these hair hacks by your favourite celebs and let your hair do the talking.

Text: Priyanka Ravani Punamiya

Celebrities. They are genetically blessed humans, with perfect hair and flawless skin to match. Each look they serve us causes us to have a severe case of hair envy. Have you ever wondered the secret to their perfect tresses? We did too! So we scanned for their best kept hair secrets they let slip.

Welcome to our Celebrity Masterclass – Hair Edition, wherein you can look like a red carpet royalty minus the glam squad. Say hello to gorgeous hair!

Listen to your grandma, oil your hair

Deepika Padukone’s looks are the ultimate airport goals with voluminous hair and outfits being on point. To maintain her thick, long and glossy tresses, she relies on the good ol’ champi!

“Three thumb rules I swear by for my hair are healthy diet, adequate sleep and nourishing my hair with coconut-based hair oil. I try and make sure that I invest in regular nourishing massages with coconut-based hair oil to keep my hair voluminous, thick and full of bounce.”

DIY: The answer lies in your kitchen

Priyanka Chopra, in a video for a popular magazine, revealed that she makes a DIY hair and scalp mask out of yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and one egg (her secret ingredient). After mixing the ingredients in a bowl, she lathers the mix on her scalp and leaves it on for 30 minutes; and then washes it off with warm water and baby shampoo.

“It is usually for if you have a dry scalp, if you have dandruff, the yogurt helps hydrate the scalp and cool it down. My secret ingredient is an egg. Apparently, they’re really good for your hair.”

Nourish yourself from the inside-out

Kareena Kapoor Khan combated hairfall by making tweaks to her diet and eating right. She ate superfoods such as coconut, rice, cashews and sweet sesame.

“I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or the fact that some vitamins are still being replenished, but I did experience tremendous hairfall. I ate coconut chutney with tamarind and a little ghee for breakfast. I always ate a lot of good food and looked after my hair.”

Leave-in conditioner, for a layer of protection

Katrina Kaif uses a leave-in conditioner to get shiny and manageable mane. Also, before she uses any heat applicators, she always applies heat protectants and hair serums.

“I am a big fan of beauty oils and use them for my skin and hair. Every time I wash my hair, I always put in a leave-in product before styling. It’s a habit I follow religiously, but I avoid anything that will weigh down my strands.”

Supplements, for extra boost

Jacqueline Fernandez recommends eating flax seeds, fish, nuts and zinc supplements for great hair!

“Beauty Pills! Zinc is super important for healthy hair growth. I swear by it and take it in supplements for that extra boost.”

Pick the right product

Arjun Rampal, on the importance of using the right product for your hair and skin type.

“Hair today, gone tomorrow, so please be sensitive about it. I would definitely say that today Indian men know that there are different product lines created especially for them. The awareness level has increased. Usually guys don’t give much attention to the brand they are using. They just use it for the heck of it. So before opting for any product, just check to see if it suits your requirement.”

“No Poo Method”

Shah Rukh Khan has revealed the secret behind his silky, shiny and healthy hair. He does not use any chemically-induced products; he only believes in going all natural. The no (Sham) poo method involves cutting out shampoo off your hair care routine and using natural alternatives like warm water, baking soda, apple cider vinegar or egg wash to nourish your hair.

“I only use water. I don’t use shampoo and nothing artificial is ever glued to my hair. I just open the tap and have a cool shower under flowing tap water.”