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Kick off your Diwali festivities with cool and chic hairstyles, says Rachna Virdi.

Diwali is the time when your social diary is chocabloc with family gatherings and festive soirees. Be it for the Laxmi pooja rituals or entertaining guests at home or going out for a Diwali party, sporting a chic hairdo can make you stand out in a crowd.

Wondering how to wear your hair this season? Fret not. Seema V. Jerajani, owner and founder of SVJ Academy, Mumbai, demonstrate glam hairdos to up your festive flair. While you’ll have fun wearing them, they’ll leave your guests and admirers rolling up their eyes!

Curly Chic + Lotus Design

How to do it

Hair: This can be done on long, thick and straight hair. Prepare hair using thermal protection spray. Then create fine curls with a slim thermal rod, taking fine sections of hair from the nape working up to the hairline. Section the hair along the hairline (as in the image) and twist and secure it with pins.

Make-up: The make-up is subtle and natural. This is to enhance the very contemporary lotus design created on the forehead, using an airbrush and stencil. The gold lotus design can also be done on the lips.

Model: Amrita Ganesh Iyer

Photography: Prashant Leo

Make-up and hair: Seema V. Jerajani

Back Beauty + Flower Power

How to do it

Hair: Prepare your hair with thermal protection spray. Then create a wavy look in the hair using the 3-barrel thermal tongs, working from the nape upto the forehead. Back-comb your hair slightly at the roots; gather them together without using a comb and secure with a pin.

Make-up: The make-up is subtle and natural here to enhance the floral design. Separate the petals of a flower and carefully and patiently glue them to the skin, using the eyelash glue.

Model: Riya Bhattacharje

Photography: Kerry Monteen

Make-up and hair: Seema V. Jerajani

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