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Your Post-COVID Hairfall Solutions

Post-COVID hairfall is real, warns Bblunt hairstylist Mahafrin Buhariwala, and presents simple solutions to arrest hairfall.

The COVID virus causes a lot of acute stress, which leads to significant hair loss. A lot many people experience it, and even dermatologists say they have seen a surge in cases. If anything, it only adds to the stress, and more stress leads to more hairfall.

What is telogen effluvium? The virus causes a lot of acute stress, which leads to significant hair loss. Usually, our hair cycle has various phases and when our body undergoes some stress mechanism, our hair ends up in the resting stage and eventually after 2-3 months, it starts shedding off. This is the mechanism of telogen effluvium, and patients can suffer up to four months of hair loss.

The hair lost during COVID usually settles after 4-5 months, but if it continues beyond five months, one should consider seeing a dermatologist. There’s no overnight remedy. Usually, all the hair and its density, comes back, so one need not worry about going bald.

Follow these simple remedies for post-COVID hair loss:

  • Make sure your diet is nutritious and full with plenty of protein. It is important to take micronutrients in your diet. Eat plenty of colours in your diet (it’s the rainbow diet).
  • Make sure you consume eggs, chicken, fish, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, soybean and paneer regularly.
  • Exercise helps with blood circulation. It secretes endorphins – happy hormones – which enhance hair regrowth in the body.
  • Reduce mental stress (you can practise breathing exercises or meditation to tackle stress).
  • It is advisable to take hair growth supplements especially after having a viral infection. There are many supplements available in the market which contain Biotin, Amino acids, Antioxidants like Vitamin C & D and multivitamins.
  • There are botanical lotions for mild, moderate to severe hair fall post-COVID.
  • If you are really worried, you can undergo treatments like therapy and hair growth boosters, which help the hair to grow faster.
  • In spite of these remedies, if you are unable to tackle hairfall, seek help from a dermatologist immediately.


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